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Sunday 20 December 2009

It's getting real cold down here in hell

OK, so I backed the campaign. You know the one. But I'm not an enemy of the country, I just felt it was time for a change. I'm not a fan of Rage Against the Machine, but I'd rather hear the sound of Killing in the Name, than the sound of Simon Cowell stuffing yet another 100k into his wallet. And let's face it, Joe Mcelderry would have sold the same number of copies had we not virally tampered with the chart. I'm glad I did it. I did also donate some money to the Shelter charity. So don't hate me because I don't buy the records the rest of the nation does. I didn't buy any of the previous X-factor singles either.

Don't hate me, please!

Sunday 13 December 2009

Download Killing In the Name right now!

Download the Killing In the Name by Rage Against the Machine right now. Don't ask me why, just download it from iTunes or payable music web sites (7digital, HMV.com etc.). Even if you already own a copy. You don't have to listen to it, ever, but you MUST download it now. If you want to know more, click here.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Noel Gallagher On Dogs

My new video featuring an interview with Noel Gallagher. (I think he was a bit drunk.) Cartoon illustrations by me.


Saturday 1 August 2009

Björk - I Miss You

This video scared me as a child for obvious reasons (I mean, who talcs their tongue first thing in the morning?) however I can watch it now and respect it's brilliance. And yes, it was directed by John Kricfalusi of Ren & Stimpy fame. Check it out for yourself. This video can only be found on YouTube without the sound because those guys think it makes sense to remove all music from the music videos (???).


Wednesday 29 July 2009

Wild Rumpus featuring Beardyman - Rock The Joint

It's only too often I come across a cartoon somewhere on the internet that is so brilliant, it makes me feel completely inadequate. Here's one I recently found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Promo video for the third single 'Rock The Joint' by Wild Rumpus (feat. Beardyman) on the Bitches Brew label, hand animated and directed by Tabitha O'Connell (www.tabbicat.com). Wild Rumpus is DJ/producer Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and Gary Lucas (Gods and Monsters, Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, Jeff Buckley). This track features the sensational Beardyman (www.myspace.com/beardyman) on vocals and sound FX, impersonating a deep south 'caller' of the square dances. Wild Rumpus is an explosion of Country-Blues-Dub-Tronica and Psychedelic-Surf-Cosmic-Disco, fusing genres in an unprecedented fashion.

Tabbi is an animation and live action director with 20 years experience in the animation industry. As a traditional 2D animator Tabbis credits include: Films: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Anastasia, The Prince of Egypt. Series include: Ren & Stimpy, Mr Bean. As well as 100's of commercials and music videos.

Tabbi lives and works in London. www.tabbicat.com e-mail tabbi@tabbicat.com 07966 267360

Friday 10 July 2009

Beryl & Stan - The Donkey

Update: Featuring the voice of Esme Olden as Beryl. Thank you Esme for making this a great cartoon. Hope we can arrange to make some more together in future.


Beluga Weekly #28

By Andrew Mortimer

Monday 6 July 2009

Beryl & Stan animation stage complete

Yes, the animation for the first Beryl & Stan cartoon is all finished. I will be using my time over the next couple of days to add the sound effects and title cards. Hope you all enjoy it when it arrives on YouTube.


Sunday 14 June 2009

Work Is Never Over

Especially when there's that bloody iDaft thing taking over every minute of the day. Take a look at it here http://www.najle.com/idaft and with that, you've fallen into the clutches of the addictive aplication. You won't even be reading this now. I can write whatever I like now that you've become transfixed by the wonders on your screen. Or then again maybe you have more sense in which case, I will continue. The new animation is nearly complete. When I say nearly, I mean give me at least a month to finish it. I think there's about 40 minutes of animation to do (sob). Hopefully I won't give up by the time I'm down to the last 2.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Sorry It's a short post and the first in months that hasn't been a comic. I'm thinking of moving this blog section to the top of the page to make it easier to find. Mind you, that would make the videos and links less noticeable. Tell you what, if you are reading this right now, please leave a comment saying whether you think thats a good idea or not.


Edit: I meant 40 seconds- -down to the last 2 seconds. Sorry, I don't tend to check these posts.
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Friday 29 May 2009

Beluga Weekly #22

So Apparently Twitter is going to be made into a TV show. Not a bad idea. I just can't imagine right now what sort of programme it will be. Maybe it will simply involve Twitter related news stories? I did hear something about hosting competitions and somehow incorporating it with the website? I dunno but I reckon this is a scheme to encourage tweeters to tweet more tweets than they've ever tweeted before.

I wish to remind you all to vote for Mitch Benn at http://mallplace.com/tweeter-wall/mr-twitter-universe

Thank you!

By Andrew Mortimer

Saturday 9 May 2009

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Funny Review

Just found this on iTunes. It's the review that really caught my eye. Click on the image to enlarge.


Wednesday 8 April 2009

Barack or not Barack?

Can we get famous people to follow us on Twitter? Yes We Can!

I noticed yesterday that my good friend FascinatingLee is being followed on Twitter by Barack Obama. Needless to say, I was intrigued. So I decided to follow Obama myself to see if he would notice my Belugatweets. Sure enough, I recieved a message telling me that Barack Obama was indeed following Belugatoons on Twitter! This however led me to consider the logistics of the leader of the free world actually taking an interest in my work. It is of course highly unlikely that this is the real Obama, even if it is his Twitter page, it could be his personal assistant's assistant's assistant who actually logged on and chose to follow me since he's a busy man and has a country to run, then again even if the president himself did go online and click the "follow" button under the Belugatoons page, it seems that I am just one of the many thousands of people he has chosen to follow. (He is currently following 619577 people and counting)

So I don't think he is genuinely interested in Belugatoons. But just in case he is, I would like to say thank you very much indeed Mister President.

You can check out my Belugatweets here: http://twitter.com/belugatoons


Thursday 26 March 2009

The talented Mr. Weebl

Here's an amazing animation job from the people at http://weebls-stuff.com/ which is currently doing the rounds on television advertising a new service from Yellow Pages. I'm so happy for those guys!


Wednesday 18 March 2009

Keep watching BBC Three

Stan is about to get his first appearance on TV introducing Family Guy. It hasn't been confirmed when this intro will be aired, so you'll just have to look out for it. Next episode is on tonight at 11.30pm on BBC Three.


Monday 16 March 2009

Gervais + Elmo = Hilarity on 'Sesame Street'

Funny stuff!

Recording Update

Just finished a recording for an upcoming animation with my very talented friend Esme Olden. It sees the return of Stan, played by me and his girlfriend Beryl, played by Esme. More updates on this coming up!


Sunday 15 March 2009

My plans for tonight

After the pub, I'm off to see Mr. Mitch Benn at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. If you've not heard of him, he's best known for his musical contributions on the Now Show (BBC Radio 4). It should be a good laugh. It's good to spend the evening out I suppose. (That picture is just my little joke. Like it?)


Sunday 8 March 2009

Saturday 7 March 2009

Slow and steady wins the race

In the last blog post regarding "Project X", I said the video might be ready by early March. This was however a complete overestimation as I still haven't even finished half of it yet. I'm have been working on the animation day by day and i reckon that I had better take my time so I can get it to look as good as possible. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!