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Friday 24 February 2012

What I think will happen in Putting Your Hoof Down

1. Fluttershy annoys Rainbow Dash because she's so passive.

2. Fluttershy turns to Iron Will who agrees to help Fluttershy become more assertive.

3. Iron Will helps Fluttershy and she transforms into a really ruthless pony.

4. The other ponies become detached from Fluttershy because of her new personality.

5. Fluttershy realises that being passive is a better way to keep her friends.

I'm kinda stating the obvious, but who knows? It could turn out to be a very different story.

Beluga Weekly #161

By Andrew Mortimer
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Friday 17 February 2012

What I think will happen in A friend in Deed

1. Pinkie enjoys the fact that she is popular in Ponyville and that most of the residents appreciate her attempts to be sweet and loveable.

2. Cranky Doodle Donkey arrives in town and tries to avoid making contact with any of the ponies. Pinkie finds him/her and welcomes him/her with open arms, but Cranky turns down Pinkie's offer of lifelong friendship and storms off.

3. Pinkie becomes confused and paranoid, convinced that this is not right since no one ever refuses to be friends with her.

4. Pinkie goes to extreme lengths to make Cranky turn. Eventually Cranky decides to humour her and goes to one of Pinkie's parties.

5. The episode ends with Pinkie learning that it is OK if not everypony wants to be friends, after all she can only have so many friends at one time. Cranky then takes a shine to Pinkie Pie's rational decision and agrees to Pinkie's request for life long friendship.

I don't know if Cranky will be a male donkey, but I sincerely hope it's Weird Al doing the voice!

Beluga Weekly #160

By Andrew Mortimer
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Friday 10 February 2012

What I think will happen in Hearts and Hooves Day

Hearts and Hooves Day premieres this Saturday on The Hub after the top 9 episodes Mare-A-thon.

1. Apple Bloom feels sorry for Big Macintosh, who has nopony to be his mare on Hearts and Hooves day.

2. After a visit to Zecora, Apple Bloom and the rest of the CMC come up with a plan to make a love potion to make Big Macintoch and Cheerilee fall madly in love.

3. Apple Bloom becomes mortified when Big Mac and Cheerilee decide to get married.

4. The CMCs learn that it is not fair to make people fall in love against their own better judgement and figure out how to make an antidote for the happy couple.

5. Just when Cheerilee and Big Mac are about to be wed, the antidote kicks in and they realise that they are no more than just good friends and decide to to be married. Apple Bloom breathes a sigh of relief and, um…………… Rainbow Dash declares her love for Big Macintosh to prove once and for all that she is NOT a lesbian!

That's how I figure it'll play out. Tune in on Saturday to see if I'm right. (I'm from the UK, so I'll be catching it on YouTube)

Beluga Weekly #159

By Andrew Mortimer
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