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Monday 28 February 2011

Animation Diary - 28/02/2011

It's been another slow day. I think this is due to my illness, however I get the feeling it may not have had any affect on my progress at all. I just don't feel like working hard on this pet project ill or not. I'm just glad the sequence which has taken me five days (not of solid work) to animate is nearly done. It was rather complicated. If you compare the drawing I added on 23rd with the one below, you'll see there was a lot of independent motion required.


Sunday 27 February 2011

Animation Diary - 27/02/2011

The best thing I can say about the sequence I have been working on is it all makes sense. There appears to be enough consistency throughout the animatic so far in terms of style.


Saturday 26 February 2011

Animation Diary - 26/02/2011

The sequence I have been animating this week has taken a long time to complete and there is still a lot of work left. Also, I am not really satisfied with the motion of the characters. Nothing looks incredibly realistic. Hopefully I will have the patience to go over it again, but I still haven't made up my mind exactly how I will go about polishing the animatic before I go for the final edit.


Thursday 24 February 2011

Animation Diary - 24/02/2011

As the picture indicates, I have not progressed the animation that far today. I do have the sequence planned though and I know exactly what to do next.


Wednesday 23 February 2011

Animation Diary - 23/02/2011

Animated one character this evening. The drawing below is for the next shot. Still working on the progression of this act.


Tuesday 22 February 2011

Animation Diary - 22/02/2011

Today I completed yet another shot. It didn't take that many drawings but I spent a lot of time developing the graphics in a way that matched previous shots whilst making some kind of progression. It still looks like a cartoon. That's all that matters really.


Monday 21 February 2011

Animation Diary - 21/02/2011

I think I animated about 11 frames today, that's not much of an effort but to be honest I'm trying to focus on finding some work experience as I am still jobless and I have no idea which way my career is heading. However, I'm sure things will look up. I managed to prepare the following shot of animation for tomorrow. Think I'll come up with some kind of system to determine which drawings I should move onto. I'll see if I can do better tomorrow.


Sunday 20 February 2011

Animation Diary - 20/02/2011

Sorry I missed another day. Truth is it's been quite a slow weekend, but I have worked on some basic animation. Will do my best to keep you all updated throughout the week.


Friday 18 February 2011

Animation Diary - 18/02/2011

OK, I realise that I promised to do one of these yesterday. I forgot.

This is how my animatic looks so far (see below). I am doing my best to get as much done as I feel capable of day by day. It's taking a while and I have noticed that it isn't exactly animatic quality. I intend to use the character motions I have come up with when I get around to finishing it off. This means I will simply colour the drawings in and polish the backrounds and other additional graphics. I also have plans to change some of the less important characters.


Beluga Weekly #108

By Andrew Mortimer
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Wednesday 16 February 2011

I'm back

Finally, I have internet access! I promise I will continue with the animation journal tomorrow and fill you all in on the work I have done over the last three weeks.