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Monday 11 April 2011

Animation Diary - 11/04/2011

Here's a sample of the work I have done recently. This is from animatic 2. It isn't supposed to have sound, it is merely a sample for this update.


Sunday 10 April 2011

Animation Diary - 10/04/2011

Very satisfied with today's workload. I'm going to be very busy tomorrow so there might not be a blog entry, but I've no intention of abandoning this project.


Saturday 9 April 2011

Animation Diary - 09/04/2011

I worked hard today. Maybe a little too hard seeing as this is a pet project. I think I need to remind myself that this is just a hobby.


Friday 8 April 2011

Animation Diary - 08/04/2011

The latest workload has proved rather interesting as the new version of the animatic I am putting together seems to demand extra attention to the actions of the characters. I have found myself attempting slightly more elaborate actions every time I have to re-draw a frame that got cleared accidentally the first time around.


Beluga Weekly #115

By Andrew Mortimer
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Thursday 7 April 2011

Animation Diary - 07/04/2011

I have just arranged the drawings from the act 1 section of the animatic and the drawings from act 2 into separate folders. I have also completed three shots of animation for animatic 2.


Wednesday 6 April 2011

Animation Diary - 06/04/2011

I only animated one shot today, but that was because it was about the length of two average shots. It took long enough colouring it in let alone piecing together the drawings.


Tuesday 5 April 2011

Animation Diary - 05/04/2011

It's going well so far. Still finding a few nasty surprises in the source material. I'm making sure the drawings I'm re-animating are all intact when I leave them. This means I won't have much trouble the third time around.


Monday 4 April 2011

Animation Diary - 04/04/2011

I have noticed that while it is helpful that I have kept all the drawings from animatic 1, I'm occasionally having to re-draw a few frames due to the fact that I had accidentally erased a drawing instead of creating a duplicate. This is one thing I need to prepare myself for when it comes to finishing off the project. Not only that, some drawings are in dire need of improvement. I noticed in one shot today that since animatic 2 is in widescreen, close-ups of the characters reveal imperfections which were hidden in the previous 4:3 animatic.


Sunday 3 April 2011

Animation Diary - 03/04/2011

Still going at an adequate pace. I'm nearly passed the point where I ended on animatic 1. This new version will hopefully make it clear where I am going wrong and what I can improve when I finally get around to animating the real thing.


Saturday 2 April 2011

Animation Diary - 02/04/2011

I'm doing all right. Another two shots completed for the animatic and it looks great with colour. The characters already appear to be complete. I will need to spend an awful lot of time on the backgrounds though. This I am not looking forward to.


Friday 1 April 2011

Animation Diary - 01/04/2011

Still keeping up with the two shots per day system. I seem to be coping just fine this way. Most of these drawings do look better with the basic colours added. One thing I haven't yet tried with the new timeline is grouping together each shot. At the moment all the frames are simply lined up from start to finish. I may have to start rendering some movie files at some point.


Beluga Weekly #114

By Andrew Mortimer
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