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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Animation Diary - 31/08/11

I've completed another sequence. Had no problems with the software at all.


Tuesday 30 August 2011

Animation Diary - 30/08/11

Applications are a little slow since I started networking my files to my new laptop. I think I need to make a full transfer and save everything onto the hard drive.


Tuesday 23 August 2011

Animation Diary - 23/08/2011

More work on the sequence I started at the beginning of this week. It's almost done. Might try and finish it off before bedtime.


Update: This sequence is now done.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Animation Diary - 21/08/2011

I'm onto the next shot now. I seem to have ended this session on quite a cute lil' image.


Saturday 20 August 2011

Animation Diary - 20/08/2011

This is another screen grab which does effectively give away one of the punchlines in the cartoon. Mind you, it isn't in complete context yet so it probably isn't much of a spoiler.


Thursday 18 August 2011

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Animation Diary - 16/08/2011

Woo! Finally this sequence is done and only several more to go before the animatic is completely finished. This must be the longest I've spent on a single sequence for an animatic.


Monday 15 August 2011

Sunday 14 August 2011

Animation Diary - 14/08/2011

Still at it. As the picture shows, there's only a little more to animate for this sequence. I really am doing this the hard way. Hope it doesn't take this long the second time around.


Friday 12 August 2011

Animation Diary - 12/08/2011

OK, I've managed to fix that minor hiccup. Now I'm back on track, but still need to get a load of animation finished. Hopefully I'll be onto phase 2 in a month's time. (This is not a promise.)


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By Andrew Mortimer
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Saturday 6 August 2011

Animation Diary - 06/08/2011

So far, not so good. I've spent about an hour re-sequencing the last lot of animation because I went wrong somewhere. I've just checked it and now it would appear I've re-sequenced the mistake. How dumb is that?


Tuesday 2 August 2011

Animation Diary - 02/08/2011

Still working on the same sequence. It is a very slow moving sequence. I'll probably end up editing out half of it in post production.

This has taught me a lesson on the importance of deciding how long you want your sequence to last beforehand and then working it out mathematically.


Monday 1 August 2011

Animation Diary - 01/08/2011

Did some more work on the present sequence. This seems to be taking a while despite the fact there is not much action taking place.