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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Have completed the last sequence of the colour animatic. I might use tomorrow evening to time the sequences and sync the audio.


Monday 12 December 2011

Animation Diary - 12/12/11

I''m now down to the last sequence of the colour animatic. Will do that tomorrow and think about how I'm going to sync it up with the dialogue.


Sunday 11 December 2011

Saturday 10 December 2011

Animation Diary - 10/12/11

I wish to make more time for other chores today so I have done my bit of animation early. In fact I'm writing this post a good hour of so after my animation setting drew to a close. Hopefully With this kind of progress I can complete the colour animatic before Christmas day.


Thursday 8 December 2011

Animation Diary - 08/12/11

More animation work done. I have made a slight change in the present character's colour scheme to how I originally intended it to look.


Wednesday 7 December 2011

Animation Diary - 07/12/11

Did a reasonable amount of work on the animatic this evening. I'm going to be very busy tomorrow so I can't promise I'll have made much progress by the end of the day.


Tuesday 6 December 2011

Animation Diary - 06/12/11

It's been a while since I've posted an update. I have animated 6 complete sequences since 23rd November when I last updated. It's looking very good even without the effects, although I have no intention of skipping the final stage.