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Wednesday 31 October 2018

2018 Halloween Live Stream Highlights

Looks like this is turning into an annual thing! Maybe it would have turned out better if the previous 4 livestreams hadn't already been Halloween related. Anyway, tonight is the night so let's get spooky!

The Pumpkin suit makes its triumphant return! 🎃

Will "ThisIs ReadyMade" O'Neil contributed some voice work to the opening sequence of this stream. Thanks Ready!

Watch the intro below.

The Scream Team. A Belugatoons creation from last year. (From left to right) Ruby the blob, Demonica the demon, Virginia the werewolf and Vicky Frankestein the mad scientist.

First up, redrawing Demonica. I had to deflate the costume otherwise there's no way I would've been able to reach the keyboard.

Now let's draw Demonica as a little child.

Who could be afraid of this little wolf?

Look at that face!

Finishing the lineup.

Colouring it all in...

Come join our gang!

A costume party with some alien activity...

Which brings us to the end of this year's Halloween celebration. Thanks for being a part of it! See y'all next year.

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