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Saturday 7 April 2018

Did you find all of the eggs?

Just over a week ago, I hid some Easter eggs on different web sites around the internet and posted a list of clues for each egg's location.

The first egg was not actually hidden because I decided to reveal it to my followers on Facebook in order to give them a starting point.

The second egg was hidden in my Twitter background image.

The third Egg was hiding on top of a cake in one of my Instagram photos.

The fourth egg was on the cover of issue #21 of "New Stuff".

The fifth egg was in a jigsaw puzzle over at the Belugatoons Games Room.

The Sixth egg was tucked away in the cover design of the Video Ga Ga podcast. 

And finally, the golden egg was in a really unlikely place...

Yup. It was hidden on ThisIs Readymade's MacBook Air!

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this little Easter activity. See you all next year!

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