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Friday 30 March 2018

Sunny Bunny!

These are the clues for finding the 7 Belugatoons Easter Eggs.

Egg #1 - A blue egg with a pink ribbon
This one isn't actually hidden, it was revealed on the Belugatoons Facebook page so no need to look for it.
Difficulty: 0%

Egg #2 - A pink egg with white spots and a bunny
To find this one, have a look at the social network links on the right. One of those links will take you to this egg.
Difficulty: 0%

Egg #3 - An orange egg with flowers
Once again, look at the social network sites. This egg is hidden among some cakes.
Difficulty:  0%

Egg #4 - A light blue egg with a red ribbon
Remember the New Stuff Comic? If not, don't panic, I'm sure there are some links to it on this site.
Difficulty: 0%

Egg #5 - A red egg with stars
Look for this egg in the Belugatoons Games Room. See links on the right.
Difficulty: 0%

Egg #6 - A yellow and green striped egg
Apple Podcasts is the hiding place for this egg but which podcast is it hiding in? Hint: It's a podcast about music videos.
Difficulty: 0%

The Golden Egg
Sorry to be incredibly cryptic, but all I'm gonna say for this one is... "THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENED"
Difficulty: 100%

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