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Friday 30 March 2012

What I think will happen in Ponyville Confidential

1. The CMCs are still on the lookout for their special talents. When they get in contact with a local paper, they are rejected at first. Eventually they come with the idea of secretly sending stories in under the name Gabby Gums.

2. The stories they send in are printed and quickly become poplar among the readers. They start off as harmless insights from the CMCs' points of view. Soon however they are pressured into coming up with fresh stories with juicer themes.

3. The CMCs resort to sending in stories about their pony friends which causes outrage among them. The CMCs find out that their friends are angry at Gabby Gums so they decide to find stories about ponies in Canterlot including Princess Celestia.

4. At first, the CMCs get the impression that they have gone too far when Twilight and the others become enraged on Celestia's behalf. The CMCs confess that it was they who wrote the column. Twilight tells them they need to tell Celestia. Reluctantly they agree.

5. Celestia admits that she was not angry about her article but that she would have preferred it had they asked her permission before it had been published. The CMCs apologise having learned that it is wrong to publish information about others without there consent.

I have seen a couple of previews of this episode so I'm going to feel even more silly if I it turns out I got it all wrong.

Beluga Weekly #166

By Andrew Mortimer
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Friday 23 March 2012

What I think will happen in Hurricane Fluttershy

1. The rainy season is coming up so Rainbow Dash leads her fellow pegasi create a tornado. Everyone is ready to do this except Flutterhy.

2. Fluttershy worries about humiliating herself in front of the others but she doesn't want to appear frightened so she puts on a brave face. But as time marches on, she becomes more and more afraid.

3. Fluttershy abandons her friends and at first, nopony notices. Twilight eventually finds her hiding and Fluttershy explains her worries.

4. Twilight persuades Fluttershy to get back and help with the tornado. Fluttershy does make some mistakes and fears that she will be ridiculed for it. The task is completed and Rainbow Dash congratulates all of them. She also offers constructive criticism to Fluttershy.

5. The other pegasi stand up for Fluttershy because she overcame her fears and committed to the task at hand. They state that mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of and that Fluttershy should be pleased of what she has accomplished.

I'm hoping the episode will be better than this! I do struggle coming up with ideas. Also I am aware that Derpy is going to make another appearance and it would be great if she gets another speaking role.

Beluga Weekly #165

By Andrew Mortimer
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Friday 16 March 2012

What I think will happen in Dragon Quest

1. Spike becomes sick of being used as a fax machine to the Princess. When some other young dragons find their way into Ponyville, Spike becomes friends with them.

2. Spike's pony friends become aware that these new dragons have a tendency to cause trouble. They tell Spike about the great dragon migration. Spike is intrigued, but tells them that Ponyville will always be his home.

3. The new dragons scoff at the idea. After going too far with their troublesome hyjinx , they leave to join the migration and Spike decides he wants to go with them. Twilight disapproves and tries to make him stay.

4. Spike leaves, Twilight becomes heartbroken and worries about how she will get by without him. Spike begins to learn that as a baby dragon, he is unlikely survive the treacherous journey that lies ahead. His dragon pals act tough, but when danger strikes, they cower in fear, leaving Spike to save the day in one last showdown.

5. Spike changes his mind about the rough and tumble gang and heads back to Ponyville. Twilight is there waiting for him and everything returns to normal.

Beluga Weekly #164

By Andrew Mortimer
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Friday 9 March 2012

What I think will happen in It's About Time

1. Twilight meets herself from the future and reveals that there is something in the Starswirl wing in the castle. Future Twilight fails to give Twilight her complete message before being transported back to the future.

2. Twilight grows paranoid from this occurrence and tries to avoid doing anything with her friends, knowing that her future self has warned her to avoid something. Twilights friends begin to feel neglected because of this.

3. Twilight's stubbornness leads to problems on a larger scale. Ponyville is invaded by outsiders and many of the citizens have to flee from their homes.

4. Twilight is captured and brought to the castle to find Celestia gone and one of the invaders has taken the throne. Twilight escapes and makes her way to the Starswirl wing so she can go back and warn herself about the invasion.

5. Just before Twilight can send herself back in time, she is visited by future Twilight again who tells her it will not work because as they both know, past Twilight won't listen. Together, they come up with a plan and get complete message to Twilight as originally intended, thus saving Ponyville.

Beluga Weekly #163

By Andrew Mortimer
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