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Friday 9 March 2012

What I think will happen in It's About Time

1. Twilight meets herself from the future and reveals that there is something in the Starswirl wing in the castle. Future Twilight fails to give Twilight her complete message before being transported back to the future.

2. Twilight grows paranoid from this occurrence and tries to avoid doing anything with her friends, knowing that her future self has warned her to avoid something. Twilights friends begin to feel neglected because of this.

3. Twilight's stubbornness leads to problems on a larger scale. Ponyville is invaded by outsiders and many of the citizens have to flee from their homes.

4. Twilight is captured and brought to the castle to find Celestia gone and one of the invaders has taken the throne. Twilight escapes and makes her way to the Starswirl wing so she can go back and warn herself about the invasion.

5. Just before Twilight can send herself back in time, she is visited by future Twilight again who tells her it will not work because as they both know, past Twilight won't listen. Together, they come up with a plan and get complete message to Twilight as originally intended, thus saving Ponyville.

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