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Friday 23 March 2012

What I think will happen in Hurricane Fluttershy

1. The rainy season is coming up so Rainbow Dash leads her fellow pegasi create a tornado. Everyone is ready to do this except Flutterhy.

2. Fluttershy worries about humiliating herself in front of the others but she doesn't want to appear frightened so she puts on a brave face. But as time marches on, she becomes more and more afraid.

3. Fluttershy abandons her friends and at first, nopony notices. Twilight eventually finds her hiding and Fluttershy explains her worries.

4. Twilight persuades Fluttershy to get back and help with the tornado. Fluttershy does make some mistakes and fears that she will be ridiculed for it. The task is completed and Rainbow Dash congratulates all of them. She also offers constructive criticism to Fluttershy.

5. The other pegasi stand up for Fluttershy because she overcame her fears and committed to the task at hand. They state that mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of and that Fluttershy should be pleased of what she has accomplished.

I'm hoping the episode will be better than this! I do struggle coming up with ideas. Also I am aware that Derpy is going to make another appearance and it would be great if she gets another speaking role.

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