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Friday 2 January 2015

Claire's Diary 02/01/2015


Dear diary

Today I had a nice dumb bath. I can't believe it's been a whole year. While bathing, I read all about dumb holes, time holes, worm holes and other types of holes. I think the book was called The House at Pooh Corner.
By the way, I'm on a seafood diet. That means whenever I see food, I go on a diet. A diet which involves dumb quantities of carrot and dumb potato pie.
I think I might go swimming later this week. After taking a bath, I wonder what would happen if I left the tap running and became submerged. I don't know if I can survive waters as dumb as my bathtub. It would be just like that movie where the bloke with the gills drags a stupid person to his death.
I'm going to watch some DVDs. I love movies with death scenes.


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