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Saturday 20 December 2008

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If there's one thing that annoys me about hosting a YouTube channel, it's the difference in frame rate depending on how you convert your video before you upload it. I'm trying to upload the second animation to www.youtube.com/belugatoons (please subscribe if you have not already done so.) and twice i've ended up with a rubbish looking sequence with my main character looking like he's using a really crummy web-cam. This means I have to keep going back on iMovie and re-remdering the clip umpteen times over so the webiste's processor won't ruin it! Grrr! If anybody out there is reading this and knows how to ressolve this problem, please tell me. If you need an example, I might be able to post one for you. Anyway peace and love, I'm here all week and try the waitresses on the way home ect... and don't forget: DOWNLOAD THE BELUGATOONS PODCAST!


(Feeling better now)

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