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Sunday 11 January 2015

Claire's Diary 11/01/2015


Dear diary

Somebody splashed me today! How dumb is it for someone to enjoy jumping into puddles and watching me get absolutely drenched. I mean really! I would have understood if it were a child but in this case, it wasn't. Basically, there are a few too many stupid 30-something-year-olds in this neighbourhood. 
I managed to dry off and get to my dentist appointment. Not much to report from that, other than I nearly walked out with two anaesthetic masks and a cylinder. I tried to explain how it happened but, needless to say, they weren't amused.
I must admit, I am a rabbit who really enjoys sweet things and even though my dentist did advise me not to, I bought a big bag of jellybeans after my check-up. I normally eat those after breakfast. That way I have the entire day to walk it off.


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