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Sunday 4 January 2015

Claire's Diary 04/01/2015


Dear diary

Tractors are so stupid. I was passing through a country lane this morning when a dumb farmer drove his John Deer right over my iPhone. Granted I should have been more stupid not to drop it and instead of picking it up immediately, just stop and stare it it as though it were a lava lamp.
Grr! I'll never get that phone back. Speaking of phones, I bought a dumb phone today. As well as a dumb MP3 player. (I wanted to get an iPod but unfortunately I already own one. Sucks.) I love technology. When you think about it, diary, these days we can do anything from annoying people with stupid, dumb MP3s to annoying people with videos of ourselves trying to be stupid.
I really want a dumb TV. Can you buy them for less than £500? It seems like I'm going to have to wait for like forever before I can afford one.
My house still smells a bit stupid. I will do something about the dumb clothes which fail to be getting any dryer. When I get that dumb TV, I can probably use it to dry everything that comes out of the washing machine. I'm guessing those things get pretty dumb when used for dumb periods of time.


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