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Thursday 8 January 2015

Claire's Diary 08/01/2015


Dearest diary

Join me, I pray, as I lead you through the cobbled streets of Thursday morn, when I purchased a newspaper from a vendor who is partied to a lane on which many spiffing old beans reside.
I am currently sipping a jolly good cup of strong English tea and will be spending an enormous quantity of time writing stiff letters to the editors of that newspaper because I really cannot abide the atrocious font that they insist upon using. If I am to sit down for a spot of reading, I expect the words to be attractive and pleasing to my optical nerves.
There should be more English food in this country. Where oh where can I find crumpets at this hour? Who is driving my motorcar? It's that pesky brother of mine, that's who!
But I digress, you see, there will be a time when newspapers are a thing of the past and when that day comes, all will see that it is indeed, society which is to be blamed.



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