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Saturday 3 January 2015

Claire's Diary 03/01/2015


Dear diary

Nothing hits the spot like a good chocolate milkshake.
The weather is making me too dumb to do anything today. Why does the sun have to make things so dumb? Can't the earth orbit a different star that doesn't cause skin cancer?
It can be really dumb at this time of the year to dry my clothes without filling the air with a stupid, dumb smell.
I think my day will become more stupid given time. I will, after all, have some more pie to look forward to when I get back from work. Yum!
What are these chocolate covered cherries I've heard so much about? Can you buy them from supermarkets or is in something that stupid corner shops are selling to get more customers?
Bit of a slow day, not much I can think of to include on this page. I wish more stupid things would happen. This time last year I was being visited by creatures from a distant planet and travelling the universe with a dumb professor.


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