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Friday 9 January 2015

Claire's Diary 09/01/2015


Dear diary

I feel like a party! Lots of balloons, music, friends, nibbles, the works.
Last time I threw a party, only a few people were able to attend, but that's OK. It will be stupid this time. So many of my friends have been laid off and have nothing better to do anymore.
I must make a shopping list so I can make sure I have everything I need for this bash:
  • Balloons
  • Mixed nuts
  • Scotch eggs
  • Mini sausages
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Karaoke machine
  • Limousine
  • Swimming pool
  • Cake
I'm looking forward to this party already!
I wonder if I should let my friends bring their friends? That way I can make more friends which would be really dumb and I don't know why I suggested it.


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