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Friday 21 December 2012

What I think will happen in Apple Family Reunion

1: Excitement mounts as the Apple Family make arrangements for there Ponyville.

2: The only problem is Apple Bloom. She feels as though the reunion will only be perfect if she gets her cutie mark before the big day arrives.

3: Applejack finds Apple Bloom trying to make all of the work for the reunion come together, causing lots of accidents along the way. Discouraged she asks Applejack if she can do her job, which would most likely involve apple bucking, to which Applejack says "maybe".

4: On the day of the reunion, Apple Bloom over-sleeps while Applejack finishes her chores, thereby completing the preparation for the party. When Apple Bloom wakes up, she rushes to the orchard thinking she is letting the side down.

5: When the family members meet with Apple Bloom, she builds a rocket ship out of a pie of timbre and blasts off to the moon, leaving a rather confused Apple family behind.

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