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Sunday 5 July 2015

Claire's Diary 05/07/2015


Dear diary

Weather is too good to write one of these so I'll try not to spend too much time on this today. I keep noticing there is a strangely large gap between two of the toes on my left foot. I don't know why the gap is wider than it is on my right foot. I seem to have more strength on the left half of my body. My left hip seems to move more freely and when I smile, the left side of my mouth seems to stretch further... does that mean I'm having a stroke?! If so, this must be the slowest stroke since records began. If there are records on time taken for a stroke to take place. I've been like this for a very long time so it's hardly likely to be a stroke. I might get sun stroke if I stay outside for too long.
I've just realised I said I was gonna keep this short, but now I seem to have made this entry much longer than usual. Oh well.


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