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Friday 16 November 2012

What I think will happen in Too Many Pinkie Pies

1: Pinkie Pie has been working extra hard at Sugarcube Corner.

2: She overhears Mrs. Cake saying "Pinkie can't be in 2 places at once."

3: Pinkie has and idea to clone herself in order to have the ability to do just that. When she makes her first duplicate however, she notices that this copy doesn't feel like doing much. Pinkie decides to have another go.

4: Pinkie keeps making copies of herself but none of these Pinkie's seem to have her personality. She lets the first 5 go exploring and individually, they meet her friends. Each of the ponies think that Pinkie Pie has changed somehow. They don't realise that the real Pinkie is elsewhere, still trying to successfully clone herself.

5: When Twilight and the others work out what has happened, they arrive in time to stop Pinkie and explain that she doesn't need to make a copy of herself because there is nothing wrong with being an individual. Pinkie realises that she will have to say goodbye to her clones. What happens to them, I do not know.

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