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Friday 8 February 2013

What I think will happen in Games Ponies Play

1: Pinkie Pie dreams up an impossible game and challenges her friends to it. The game will probably involve bouncing a ball to one another or something to that effect.

2: The other ponies fail, the rest of Ponyville fails and even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are baffled. How can Pinkie possibly be beat?

3: Along comes a newcomer, a dragon or possibly some other mythical being or what-have-you and he uses his infinite wisdom to win Pinkie's game.

4: The mysterious stranger is just about to return home when Pinkie challenges him to a rematch. Stranger agrees but enlists the help of his friends thereby increasing his chances of winning. When Twilight suggests that the six of them team up to give Pinkie a fair chance, Pinkie turns it down.

5: Pinkie finds herself losing to the opposite team. When the players take a break half way through, Pinkie turns to her friends. To her delight, they are still willing to support her. They all team up and beat their opponents and then all head to Sugarcube corner for some waffles. THE END

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