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Friday 22 February 2013

How did I do?

Rather badly it turns out but hey-ho. I made those episode predictions entirely based on the titles and avoided any spoilers as best I could. Read on to see how far off I was. 

The Crystal Empire Part 1:

The prediction:

1: Rarity is commissioned to make dresses for The Crystal Empire, whatever that is.

2: She takes her friends to the city where the commission originated from and they all sing.

3: Rarity wanders from the herd and learns that the Diamond Dogs are behind all of this and decides that it might be a good idea to make a break for it.

4: Rarity is discovered by the Diamond Dogs and she is held captive. Her friends try to find her but immediately get themselves lost.

5: The Diamond Dogs make Rarity find more diamonds to satisfy their greedy needs. Only Spike can save them now and I've no idea where he's going to be.

The reality:

1: It's just a test Twilight!

2: OK, maybe it wasn't even a test. Let's sing a song!

3: Sunshine sunshine... (Oh, THIS again?)

4: We need to begin a history lesson!

5: Yeah, and cheer up these crystal weirdos!

The Crystal Empire Part 2:

The prediction:

1: The Ponies realise that the Diamond dogs are trying to sweep the entire land of crystals and are working for the illusive King Sombra.

2: Spike finds out where Rarity has been imprisoned and devises a plan to release her. They then decide to find the other ponies together.

3: When the Diamond dogs learn that Rarity has escaped, they give chase. Led by King Sombra, they track down the Ponies. They capture all 6 of them (and Spike) and take them all to e dungeon. Spike then reminds Twilight that she can use her magic to use one of the crystals that Rarity has found to communicate with Princess Celestia.

4: Princess Celestia asks Princess Luna to look after Canterlot while she goes to rescue the ponies from King Sombra.

5: King Sombra removes all crystals from the dungeon to prevent any further escape attempts by the ponies. However, Princess Celestia arrives just in time to free the ponies and together, they restore peace to the crystal empire by giving back it's treasures. Celestia then returns to Canterlot only to find it in complete chaos thanks to Luna.

The reality:

1: Wait a second, if this is a fake crystal heart, where's the... Uh-Oh!

2: Twilight can find it with no help whatsoever.

3: That's too much like hard work. Spike!

4: King Sombra appears to be like Jaws only in raincloud form. We're gonna need a bigger heart!

5: Spike saves the day! Twilight passes the test. Go figure.

Too Many Pinkie Pies:

The prediction:

1: Pinkie Pie has been working extra hard at Sugarcube Corner.

2: She overhears Mrs. Cake saying "Pinkie can't be in 2 places at once."

3: Pinkie has and idea to clone herself in order to have the ability to do just that. When she makes her first duplicate however, she notices that this copy doesn't feel like doing much. Pinkie decides to have another go.

4: Pinkie keeps making copies of herself but none of these Pinkie's seem to have her personality. She lets the first 5 go exploring and individually, they meet her friends. Each of the ponies think that Pinkie Pie has changed somehow. They don't realise that the real Pinkie is elsewhere, still trying to successfully clone herself.

5: When Twilight and the others work out what has happened, they arrive in time to stop Pinkie and explain that she doesn't need to make a copy of herself because there is nothing wrong with being an individual. Pinkie realises that she will have to say goodbye to her clones. What happens to them, I do not know.

The reality:

1: Why can't I have fun with all these friends?!

2: Pinkie Pie has been doubled!

3: Too many pinkies on the dance floor!


5: This would make a great letter to Celestia! Remember when we used to write those?

One Bad Apple:

The prediction:

1: Applejack’s cousin comes to visit the Apple family

2: When the ponies’ possessions go missing, suspicion is placed on Applejack’s cousin.

3: Applejack’s cousin resents these accusations, denying everything the ponies are suggesting.

4: Applejack eventually finds out that her cousin is indeed a thief.

5: Applejack’s cousin apologies and leaves Ponyville.

The End

The reality:

1: New blank flank in town!

2: Too bad she's a meanie.

3: Oh look out, it's another one of Equestria's made-up holiday/ceremonies!

4: Babs was bullied. No we feel bad.

5: Diamond Tiara is now a... pig?

Magic Duel:

The prediction:

1: Twilight is getting ready for her graduation. She is very proud of having such fantastic powers.

2: But then Trixie shows up, demanding that the two of them battle against each other to decide once and for all, who is the most powerful unicorn in Equestria.

3: Twilight turns down this proposal, as she has no respect for Trixie and her over inflated ego. Trixie feels annoyed by this and vowels she will persuade Twilight to accept.

4: Eventually Trixie gets Twilight to face her, but very quickly, Trixie is defeated. This makes Twilight feel guilty at first, but soon she becomes overwhelmed with pride. She upsets her friends with her pride and selfishness and she decides to leave Ponyville. She turns her back on the others and then, after she get’s lost in the Everfree Forest, she realises she is alone.

5: Twilight knows she has to put things right and tries to find her way back into Ponyville without showing her face. With Zecora’s help, she assumes the identity of an ordinary earth pony. When she gets back to Ponyville, she is treated differently now she is no longer a unicorn. The moral of this story is we can’t be expected to be adored because of our individuality.

The reality:

1: Alicorn shoutout!

2: Trixie is back and she is NOT welcome here!

3: Can your friends do this? Didn't think so! Now get out of town!

4: At least Twilight's banishment makes a good excuse for getting Zecora involved.

5: Trixie is foxed by Twilight and her friends. It's a kinda magic!

Sleepless In Ponyville:

The prediction:

1: Twilight is having difficulty sleeping.

2: Twilight asks Zecora for a remedy. Zecora finds one and Twilight takes it back home. She realises that she has too much to be getting on with so instead of catching up on sleep, she puts the potion away and gets on with her errands and studies.

3: Spike tries some of the potion and falls fast asleep. Twilight spends the entire day doing all she can to wake him up but he just won’t stir.

4: Twilight finds a spell enabling her to enter Spike’s dreams. She manages to speak to him but he refuses to wake up because he prefers his dream world to the real world.

5: Zecora tells Twilight that if Spike doesn’t wake up before night falls, he will be doomed to sleep for eternity. Twilight hurries home to try again to wake Spike. Rarity turns up and offers to help. Twilight has the idea to send Rarity into Spike’s dreams. When Rarity tells Spike he is in danger, Spike decides to return home to Twilight. Relieved, Twilight crashes into a heap and snores the house down.

The reality:

1: Rainbow Dash pays Scootaloo a compliment and this spirals into barrels of Norman-Wisdom-level slapstick.

2: Campfire stories are terrifying. Don't show your sensitivity Scootaloo!

3: The second campfire story was also super-scary! Stay cool Scoots, even if it does require more slapstick!

4: Luna enter's Scootaloo's dream and things aren't so bad anymore.

5: Let's go home and be sisters.

Wonderbolts Academy:

The prediction:

1: Rainbow Dash enlists herself for the Wonderbolts academy. She prepares herself for the initiation, but on the day everything seems to go a little worse than she anticipated.

2: Dash becomes broken hearted when the Wonderbolts ultimately reject her, and she feels even worse when she learns that Derpy is one of the successful applicants. She tells all of her friends and they try to cheer her up, but Dash begins to obsess over the fact that Derpy is at the very place she wants to be.

3: Convinced that there must have been some kind of mix-up, Dash decides to spy on Derpy in hope that her training will end in disaster. Derpy appears to be doing well, which makes Dash feel even more disheartened.

4: When Soarin and Spitfire discover Dash, she admits that Derpy has too much talent and feels sorry for doubting her.

5: The Wonderbolts explain that since Rainbow Dash is famed for being an amazing flyer, they decided that they ought to let some of the less experienced pegasi into their academy. This makes Dash feel better.

The reality:

1: I failed... only joking.

2: Spitfire turns nasty for some reason.

3: Pinkie Pie begins to panic. No letters from Dashie!

4: Upon their visit, Rainbow Dash rescues them from a tornado.

5: Hey look! This list is starting to slope... everypony safe and all is well.

Apple family reunion:

The prediction:

1: Excitement mounts as the Apple Family make arrangements for there Ponyville.

2: The only problem is Apple Bloom. She feels as though the reunion will only be perfect if she gets her cutie mark before the big day arrives.

3: Applejack finds Apple Bloom trying to make all of the work for the reunion come together, causing lots of accidents along the way. Discouraged she asks Applejack if she can do her job, which would most likely involve apple bucking, to which Applejack says "maybe".

4: On the day of the reunion, Apple Bloom over-sleeps while Applejack finishes her chores, thereby completing the preparation for the party. When Apple Bloom wakes up, she rushes to the orchard thinking she is letting the side down.

5: When the family members meet with Apple Bloom, she builds a rocket ship out of a pie of timbre and blasts off to the moon, leaving a rather confused Apple family behind.

The reality:

1: You, me, them... EVERYPONY!

2: Apples get to work. AJ has it all under control...

3: ... which means no fun for Apple Bloom and Babs.

4: Well, here's something that's fun. Barn raising!

5: AJ's dead parents would have been so proud.

Spike At Your Service:

The prediction

1: Spike gets bored when Twilight goes on vacation and decides to find a new way to keep himself busy.

2: He starts his own business and offers help and advice to everyone in Ponyville.

3: Spike becomes swamped with jobs to do for his clients. Eventually he hires some of his pony friends to give him extra support.

4: They all get into a fight when the ponies assume that Spike is neglecting their needs.

5: Twilight returns home in time to straighten things out. Spike apologieses to his friends and his friends apologise to him. Twilight explains to Spike that just because he doesn't have things to do all the time, this doesn't make him useless.

The reality:

1: Sorry Spike, today I have no use for you.

2: A fire breathing dragon's worst fear. Timber-wolves! (Go figure)

3: The dragon code means that Spike reserves the right to be an utter pest.

4: AJ has a cunning plan... BACKFIRE! BACKFIRE!

5: Spike saves AJ. It is now her turn to be the pest!

Keep Calm And Flutter On:

The prediction:

1: Fluttershy is landed with a vitally important job, something like delivering a box to Princess Celestia.

2: Along the way Fluttershy accidentally sees inside the box and realises that it is empty.

3: Fluttershy draws up and investigation to work out who is responsible for the disappearance of the item from the box.

4: She grows more and more worried with the continued absence of the mystery item, fearing that the Princess might be getting impatient and displeased at Fluttershy's tardiness.

5: Ultimately, it turns out that Celestia was trolling in her own unique manner. She explains that the package was a test of Fluttershy's loyalty to the throne. She allows Fluttershy to pass saying that it was very loyal of her to investigate.

6: Wait a minute... could this be the episode where she gets transformed into a dragon?

The reality:

1: How could you bring back the most popular character from season 2?!

2: Discord is all the chaos.

3: Fluttershy has faith that Discord will be completely reformed by the end of the episode.

4: What has he done to Sweet Apple Acres? That's crazy talk!

5: I was cured alright.

Just For Sidekicks:

The prediction:

1: Pinkie Pie wants to accompany Twilight on her latest task because she thinks there will be cake involved.

2: Twilight is following instructions from princess Celestia so, as always, takes it all very seriously.

3: eventually Twilight loses her patience with Pinkie and tells her she must go home.

4: Discouraged, Pinkie heads back to Sugarcube corner.

5: Twilight returns to Ponyville with a chocolate cake for Pinkie.

The reality:

1: 🎵 If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake. 🎵

2: Need's more jewels. Ponies have jewels.

3: Petcare for ponies. Good business angle, Spike.

4: Ok, this is turning out to be much more of a hassel... Angel!

5: Shhh! Nopony will ever know!

Games Ponies Play:

The prediction:

1: Pinkie Pie dreams up an impossible game and challenges her friends to it. The game will probably involve bouncing a ball to one another or something to that effect.

2: The other ponies fail, the rest of Ponyville fails and even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are baffled. How can Pinkie possibly be beat?

3: Along comes a newcomer, a dragon or possibly some other mythical being or what-have-you and he uses his infinite wisdom to win Pinkie's game.

4: The mysterious stranger is just about to return home when Pinkie challenges him to a rematch. Stranger agrees but enlists the help of his friends thereby increasing his chances of winning. When Twilight suggests that the six of them team up to give Pinkie a fair chance, Pinkie turns it down.

5: Pinkie finds herself losing to the opposite team. When the players take a break half way through, Pinkie turns to her friends. To her delight, they are still willing to support her. They all team up and beat their opponents and then all head to Sugarcube corner for some waffles. THE END

The reality:

1: Wait this isn't the one. This is last week's ep... oh I see! This story is taking place during the previous one. Clever.

2: Sunshine sunshine (Oh pack it in you two!!!)

3: Really cool wig.

4: The writer's certainly have good taste. Nice little nod to Fawlty Towers.

5: Shhh! Nopony will ever know!

Magical Mystery Cure:

The prediction:

1: Ponyville is invaded by the Blue Meanies.

2: The Beatles come to the rescue and bring with them Robert Smith for good measure.

3: Using the power of friendship, love and insecurity the Meanies are driven out of Ponyville.

4: Ponyville then becomes overcrowded with musicians from the 60s and 80s which proves extremely inconvenient for Twilight and co.

5: Eventually, the ponies work out that the only way to restore everything to normal is to shut down all record store chain in Equestria.

(I don't know!)

I really didn't

The reality:

1: Just another sunday morning in my quiet, mountain town!

2: I am she as you are she as you are me and why do all have each other's cutie marks?

3: I don't understand. I'll do some reading. Oh, now I understand.

4: There, all is fixed. Celestia will no doubt make me a princess for this.

5: Wa... was that... Derpy? DERPY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

I really suck at this.

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