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Friday 14 December 2012

What I think will happen in Wonderbolt Academy

1: Rainbow Dash enlists herself for the Wonderbolts academy. She prepares herself for the initiation, but on the day everything seems to go a little worse than she anticipated.

2: Dash becomes broken hearted when the Wonderbolts ultimately reject her, and she feels even worse when she learns that Derpy is one of the successful applicants. She tells all of her friends and they try to cheer her up, but Dash begins to obsess over the fact that Derpy is at the very place she wants to be.

3: Convinced that there must have been some kind of mix-up, Dash decides to spy on Derpy in hope that her training will end in disaster. Derpy appears to be doing well, which makes Dash feel even more disheartened.

4: When Soarin and Spitfire discover Dash, she admits that Derpy has too much talent and feels sorry for doubting her.

5: The Wonderbolts explain that since Rainbow Dash is famed for being an amazing flyer, they decided that they ought to let some of the less experienced pegasi into their academy. This makes Dash feel better.

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