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Friday 7 December 2012

What I think will happen in Sleepless In Ponyville

1: Twilight is having difficulty sleeping.

2: Twilight asks Zecora for a remedy. Zecora finds one and Twilight takes it back home. She realises that she has too much to be getting on with so instead of catching up on sleep, she puts the potion away and gets on with her errands and studies.

3: Spike tries some of the potion and falls fast asleep. Twilight spends the entire day doing all she can to wake him up but he just won’t stir.

4: Twilight finds a spell enabling her to enter Spike’s dreams. She manages to speak to him but he refuses to wake up because he prefers his dream world to the real world.

5: Zecora tells Twilight that if Spike doesn’t wake up before night falls, he will be doomed to sleep for eternity. Twilight hurries home to try again to wake Spike. Rarity turns up and offers to help. Twilight has the idea to send Rarity into Spike’s dreams. When Rarity tells Spike he is in danger, Spike decides to return home to Twilight. Relieved, Twilight crashes into a heap and snores the house down.

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