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Sunday 12 August 2018

I'm going to do a live stream today... I think

Time for an update on the situation involving my YouTube channel.
Over a month ago, I posted a video in which I explained why I had disappeared for a bit. I mentioned that OBS wasn't streaming efficiently and it turned out all I needed to do was delete Google Chrome. Since then, it has become clear that there may be other reasons why I was getting such poor streaming from OBS. It's kind of hard to pinpoint the exact culprit because not only have I seen changes happen from deleting different files, mostly from Google Photos, but also it is entirely possible that my actions are not actually linked to the problem being resolved. It's a head-scratcher and for now I'm going to assume that I don't have complete control over this.

I have also been spending less time on drawing and podcasting. This is mostly because the inability to stream has made it hard for me to stay motivated. I did have plans to do some special live streams for special occasions in future. I might still do that but it's hard to make plans because I simply can't promise that these live streams will actually happen. This year has involved a lot of distracting issues that I have spent a lot of time addressing and I could go on at length, but I'm just going to say that there are two possible outcomes from this. Either I will carry on with things as they are, or go away and spend some time on new projects for YouTube and my podcast. Seeing as my channel is nearly 10 years old, it seems appropriate to think about new things.

Update: I did do a live stream today and you can watch it here!

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