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Friday 18 January 2013

What I think will happen in Keep Calm And Flutter On

1: Fluttershy is landed with a vitally important job, something like delivering a box to Princess Celestia.

2: Along the way Fluttershy accidentally sees inside the box and realises that it is empty.

3: Fluttershy draws up and investigation to work out who is responsible for the disappearance of the item from the box.

4: She grows more and more worried with the continued absence of the mystery item, fearing that the Princess might be getting impatient and displeased at Fluttershy's tardiness.

5: Ultimately, it turns out that Celestia was trolling in her own unique manner. She explains that the package was a test of Fluttershy's loyalty to the throne. She allows Fluttershy to pass saying that it was very loyal of her to investigate.

6: Wait a minute... could this be the episode where she gets transformed into a dragon?

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